Master Milongueros Judy & Jon are the only north American couple to ever be adopted by the portenos as 'Authentic Milongueros'. During the years they lived in Buenos Aires they acquired a profound understanding of the dance, history, culture, and music of the Tango. Jon is known for his elegance and creativity and his connection and sentimiento within the embrace. Judy is admired for her embellishments and beautiful foot placement. They teach traditional Tango de Salon social and exhibition style. Together they transmit teach their own 'Tango Verdad System' with clarity, charm, and intelligence. Judy & Jon have been profiled and featured in major Buenos Aires tango magazines including La Milonga, B. A. Tango and Diostango. In 2009 they were honored with the award 'P'a Que Bailen Los Muchachos'. They are the authors of the illustrated step by step exercise manual 'Tango Body Mechanics', and they have produced a DVD 'Judy & Jon y Sus Amigos Que Bailen.' Shows produced by Judy & Jon include 'A Night in Buenos Aires', 'Whispers of Buenos Aires', and 'The Ghost Hunter's Tango'. They have performed regularly in Buenos Aires on stage and at famous Buenos Aires milongas including Sunderland, Salon Canning, Porteno y Bailarin, Gricel, Sin Rumbo, La Baldoza, La Ideal, and La Nacional. At Judy & Jon's Las Vegas School of Traditional Argentine Tango in Las Vegas, Nevada they teach weekly classes hold supervised Practicas and host a monthly milonga.


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    Guest: -Your true authentic style is priceless  AR: -Judy's foot work is gorgeous...don't miss the opportunity to learn some great tips... Barni: -I loved the lesson! I love working with you two--I learn so much, it's fun and I always feel better about my abilities afterward Niki: -Your classes are always great  Guest: -They are phenomenal. They are the only teachers who explain 'why' we do what we're supposed to do Guest: -'They are amazing. They teach you what you need to know in a very unique way.' Guest: -are so clear you break everything down so simply. You are great communicators' VS: -'You carry stardust on your shoulders from the milongas of Buenos Aires' BG: -One hour with them will change your life LJ: -Thank you for your gifted teaching and sharing of tango. Many may pretend but only few can do it. Guest -No one has ever explained and broken down the material like this.' SW: -You are a Dynamic Duo with STAR QUALITY  


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    The music starts . . . two strangers walk onto the dance floor and in the tapping of a toe become one in Tango   The man interprets the music and leads the dance spontaneously creatively - uniquely no rehearsal - no practice   The woman follows and embellishes completing the man giving meaning to the dance filling the man's frame   Tango . . . Sensuous - Seductive Powerful   Tango . . . A love story in three minutes